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Five Best To-Do List Managers

Jul 8, 2012 Everyone has some kind of to-do list, but which tool do you use to get it out of your head and keep track of the things you have to do? Whether

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So many things that I need to do, to get where I need to go.. And it always seems like the list grows longer, but I will get there!!

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To Do Lists Using (Nearly) All Your Senses

If you are like most people, you probably rely too much on one or many forms of creating your to do list.

There’s nothing wrong with those ways and means. Our circumstances dictate how and what we to do lists we create.

In its most simplest and wide spread form, to do lists are manually created or written on (and this begins to sound familiar)

Materials: Paper based ranging from sticky notes to napkins to complete planning systems…
Advantages: fairly quick entry mode, you write tasks using a pen or pencil on a medium (paper). It is convenient, relatively lightweight, and low cost. Despite its simplicity, many accomplishments have occurred over time using this format and use.

Disadvantages: can be cumbersome and time consuming to work with. Paper tends to gets lost or misplaced and after a while becomes a storage problem if you have a small office or little space to spare.

Fast forward to the information age, Gen X and Gen Y and others are barraged by electronic or software planning systems promising to solve planning and to do list problems.

Disadvantages: Often the very feature-laden solution becomes the problem. Users require online manuals to get what they need, only to find out they are overwhelmed. The quick fix becomes an little used icon in the system tray or becomes just another app on the screen real estate.

So what are the senses that contribute to the success and demise of creating t do list?

The tactile sense of writing something on paper
The audible sense of recording your own voice as audible notes.
The little understood seeing, or using photos through apps seem to be a hot trend, Simply put; picture this—Pinterest, Instagram.

What if there was a way that combines all three senses into one neat and convenient app?

What’s you favorite way of creating your to do list.? if you had a choice, what sensory channel would you like to use to create your to do list and feel comfortable with?


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